Some years ago, on the day we  first came to the house, we found it diminished to a ruin with broken walls and plants invading all over the place. The hidden beauty of this 150-years old ruin was slowly brought to a new life during a 5-year renovation. In these years, all our energy went into reflection about endless stone walls details, wooden construction elements, refurbishment with water and the new acces road. We put particular attention to natural building materials, such as stone, wood and terracotta which require patient work and skills. The soft colours of the interior design have been chosen in harmony with the colours of the sandstone walls. The furniture and lighting recall traditional motives without neglecting the comfort.


We are working as architects in our professional life, so our challenge was to rebuild the house in a way that the visitor could get in touch with the essence of this particular place.


At first glance, traditional istrian architecture is austere and poor and it does not show off with abundant decoration. But when you experience a stay in such a house, you begin to understand how the climate has shaped both architecure and people living here. You begin to enjoy hiding behind the thick walls and wooden window shutters. Sitting in front of the house after a day at the beach, observing the farmers working on the fields, while the fish is already on your barbecue and the children are playing in nature are unforgettable moments, which we aim to share with you.

Casa Vuki Apartments

a delightful stay and a friendly welcome